Our Staff

Preschool Staff in preschool classroom.

We at Dulin are particularly proud of our teaching staff. Most of our teachers are home-grown — most members of our staff are former Dulin parents and have spent many years as part of the Dulin community. This experience makes them uniquely committed to play-based education and to family involvement in early childhood education.

Our teachers’ top priority is providing children with a warm, nurturing school environment. They are also dedicated to expanding young minds by sharing their personal passions for art, music, literature, science and nature with their students. They work together to provide many avenues for learning and growth through a wide variety of activities, crafts, games and topics. The teachers design the classroom experience to appeal and provide for many different learning styles. Our students see school as fun, not work!

All of our staff maintain MAT, DHO, CPR, and First Aid certifications, and regularly participate in continuing education. For more information about our teachers, please contact us.